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About The Alliance

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance grew out of the aspiration of Jefferson County leaders to work together toward a healthy, thriving community where health and opportunity are possible for all. Early partners recognized not one agency, organization, business or individual alone can create lasting improvements in our health and well-being. With support from the Colorado Gives Foundation and guidance from the Civic Canopy, founding participants and partners took lessons learned from other collaborations in Jefferson County to take strides to create what is known today as the Healthy Jeffco Alliance.

"Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much."


– Helen Keller



For us, conversation, connection, and collaboration are not just steps in a process, they are fundamental drivers that shape the ways we engage—whether we are working on projects in the community or evolving our own governance. We embody a culture of humility, and we constantly strive to be more inclusive in who we are and how we operate.


Build Informed Understanding by analyzing and interpreting data, and engaging across our communities to learn, explore possibilities and develop specific strategies.


Form and Evolve Teams with open invitations for all members of our community to contribute, get involved and invite others into the conversation.


Take Action and Track Impact by helping diverse teams work together to engage in community-focused initiatives and collect relevant data to drive strategic learning.

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance methodology graphic includes one blue and grey outer circle containing the words inclusion and co-creation. On the inner circle are three sections with the words conversation (build informed understanding), connection (form and evolve teams), and collaboration (take action and track impact). At the center of this inner circle are the words health and opportunity for all.
Guiding Principles & Vaues

Guiding Principles and Values 

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance is a collaborative, cross-sector partnership committed to a connected, thriving Jefferson County, Colorado where health and opportunity are possible for all. The Alliance takes a community-based approach to how health and wellness are defined in Jefferson County throughout the lifespan. In the Alliance, we recognize that no one organization or person can do this work alone! Collaboration across sectors creates efficiency, increases coordination and reduces duplication of efforts across communities. Rooted in the following principles, the Healthy Jeffco Alliance partners and community work to promote and create system-wide change.  

HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH and COMMUNITY CONDITIONS (e.g., poverty, housing, employment opportunity, education) have significant impacts on health. 

We share ACCOUNTABILITY for the outcomes we seek.  

EQUITY is everyone having the opportunity to thrive. 

Improving SYSTEMS and eliminating BARRIERS can make health more achievable. 


OPPORTUNITY is everyone having their basic needs met without barriers to accessing quality and timely resources.  

Community-wide, MULTI-SECTOR COLLABORATION is necessary for systemic change and improving outcomes.  

Through RESPECT everyone is valued and treated with dignity. 



The Healthy Jeffco Alliance is committed to continually evaluating its governance charter to reflect the changing partnership, participation and leadership of the Alliance as it evolves.

Healthy Jeffco Alliance Organization Chart

Steering Committee

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include setting the vision and direction of the Alliance, determining funding needs, promoting the work of the Alliance throughout Jefferson County, building partnerships and more. The members of the Steering Committee share a vision of creating a safe, inclusive and equitable environment that builds a culture of connection among community members and organizations in Jefferson County. 

Colorado Community Health Alliance - Represented by Cara Hebert and Saphia Elfituri

CommonSpirit St. Anthony Hospital - Represented by O’re Berry and Patrick Gaughan

Culture of Connection Action Team - Represented by Robyn Lupa, Jefferson County Public Library

Intermountain Health Lutheran Medical Center - Represented by Chuck Ault and Lindsey Reinert

Jeffco Public Schools - Represented by Fran Taffer and Margaret Huffman

Jefferson Center - Represented by Don Bechtold and Kiara Kuenzler

Jefferson County Human Services - Represented by Lynnae Flora and Mary Berg

Jefferson County Public Health - Represented by Alix Hopkins and Sarah Story

Signal Behavioral Health Network - Represented by Chelsea Rubio and Kristy Jordan

STRIDE Community Health Center - Represented by Allison Draayer and Santos Vera

Alliance Staff

The role of the Alliance staff is to forward the Alliance's vision, assist in implementing activities and coordinate Alliance related operations.

Alliance Manager, Kelly Kast

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Carolina Ferraz

Communications Specialist, Jeni Mitchell

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