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The Healthy Jeffco Alliance aims to connect people, organizations and communities throughout Jefferson County through a shared purpose. 


We exist to cultivate a connected, thriving community where health and opportunity are possible for all.


Opportunities for Engagement

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance always strives to expand participation with communities throughout Jefferson County. Are you an individual or an organization looking to collaborate with and learn from others? Learn how you can get involved!

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Curious to learn more about the Alliance and the work our partners are doing? Subscribe to the Healthy Jeffco Alliance newsletter to observe Alliance activities and stay connected and up to date with community efforts to increase connection and collaboration throughout Jefferson County. We recognize that your interests and priorities may change, and we invite you to engage with the Alliance more or less over time.

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Interested in learning about how you can join forces with others in the community who are working in similar areas? We invite you to get involved with the Alliance Action Teams and participate in a way that makes sense for you or your organization! Visit each Action Team page below to learn more and fill out our Engagement Form to connect with the Action Teams. 

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Looking to connect with other people, businesses and organizations in the Alliance network to solve problems, influence decision-making and provide input? Consider partnering with the Alliance!


Alliance partners are:

  • dedicated to our vision; 

  • committed to our core beliefs; 

  • supportive of our principles; and 

  • engaged in contributing to connection and collaboration in the county.

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


– MLK, Jr.

Get to Know The Action Teams

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance Action Teams are comprised of individuals within Jefferson County who share similar passions and goals for the health of the Jefferson County community. The current Action Teams focus their work in five different areas.

Assessment and Planning Action Team icon


Improving organizations’ processes for identifying and addressing community strengths and needs.

Center in Community Action Team icon


Supporting community members, businesses and organizations in addressing problems together.

Culture of Connection Action Team icon


Promoting opportunities for people to find a sense of connection and belonging in their communities.

Collaborative Funding Action Team icon


Increasing the role of community in identifying ways to make financial resources more accessible.

Technology Action Team icon


Improving client experience and well-being through data sharing and increasing access to community resources.

Alliance Orientation Resources

Whether you’ve been a part of the Alliance for a while, or you are newer to this community, we invite you to check out the following orientation resources to learn more about the history of  the Healthy Jeffco Alliance and how we work together.

Additional Resources

Video: Introduction to the Action Teams (External Link) ~5 minutes

Recording: Orientation Session ~50 minutes

Q&A Document: (English) (Spanish

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