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Jeffco Collaboration Leaders

Connecting partnerships across Jefferson County

Jefferson county is rich in collaborative partnerships. Building effective partnerships and networks allows people and organizations to be connected with resources to understand problems quickly, leading to prompt and efficient actions. The Healthy Jeffco Alliance hosts informal, quarterly gatherings of collaboration leaders who aim to create thriving, connected communities where health and opportunity are possible for all. This gathering brings together different perspectives and strengthens collaboration in Jefferson County by aligning efforts, leveraging networks, identifying needed supports and creating a community of practice.

Meeting Structure

The Jeffco Collaboration Leaders group meets quarterly to connect and create a community of practice for coalition leaders. Below you will find a general agenda for these meetings.

  • Connect and introductions (15 minutes)

  • Conversation (60 minutes)

    • What’s going on that could impact others?

    • What are you stuck on?

    • What have you learned?

  • Wrap up (15 minutes)

Interested in participating in this group? Please connect with Kelly Kast, Manager of the Healthy Jeffco Alliance, to learn more. 

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What We Do

Participating Collaborations

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