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Strategy Groups

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance strategy groups include the Action Teams and the Jeffco Collaboration Leaders group. These groups are made up of individuals within Jefferson County who share similar passions and goals for the health of the Jefferson County community.

Action Teams

In the Action Teams, partners work towards impacting positive change in Jefferson County communities through practice – by hosting conversation, connection and collaboration of community and organizational priorities. In the spirit of humility, people participating in the Action Team are committed to helping each other grow and learn. Partners share a commitment to learning and being responsive to feedback. When identifying and starting a project, the group uses the following general process.  ​

  1. Work often begins with a conversation about a priority in the community.

    • This conversation is intended for organizational and community partners alike to learn about a topic area without judgement or preconceived solutions.

  2. Partners are encouraged to consider who has knowledge of this topic – whether by personal experience, service provision or professional expertise.  

  3. Alliance staff and partners assist in furthering connection with others within the community who have this experience.

  4. Through these conversations, solutions emerge and the group, together, determine what solutions they would like to work on.

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance methodology graphic includes one blue and grey outer circle containing the words inclusion and co-creation. On the inner circle are three sections with the words conversation (build informed understanding), connection (form and evolve teams), and collaboration (take action and track impact). At the center of this inner circle are the words health and opportunity for all.
What We Do

Learn About the Current Action Teams!

Assessment and Planning Action Team icon


Improving organizations’ processes for identifying and addressing community strengths and needs.

Center in Community Action Team icon


Supporting community members, businesses and organizations in addressing problems together.

Culture of Connection Action Team icon


Promoting opportunities for people to find a sense of connection and belonging in their communities.

Collaborative Funding Action Team icon


Increasing the role of community in identifying ways to make financial resources more accessible.

Technology Action Team icon


Improving client experience and well-being through data sharing and increasing access to community resources.

Jeffco Collaboration Leaders Group

The Healthy Jeffco Alliance hosts quarterly gatherings for collaboration leaders in Jefferson County who have similar priorities but come from differing perspectives. The group aims to align and become aware of efforts across the county, leverage networks, identify needed supports and create a community of practice.

Collaboration Leaders

Establishing relationships across partnerships to enable thoughtful and efficient problem solving. 

Learn With Us

Interested in getting involved with one of the Action Teams?  We welcome you to follow along with the work being done in the Action Teams or participate in regular meetings and projects. Let's connect!

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