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Each of us has a story.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to promote community resources and create connection, especially in times of isolation. The Healthy Jeffco Alliance's Culture of Connection Action Team identified storytelling as a way to combat the increase in isolation and lack of meaningful connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through planning and participating in a series of storytelling workshops, the team experienced the profound power of sharing and listening to stories as a group. Storytelling can be a meaningful way to find examples of successful connection, create an outlet for people to process struggles and adversity and generate opportunities for meaningful social connection. We invite you to explore the final stories recorded by participants from this project. These stories contain themes ranging from the importance of being able to access culturally appropriate food to the significance of discovering how valued and loved you are in your own community. In exploring these stories, you may find shared common ground in unexpected places.

Instructions for viewing videos in different languages: Visit our YouTube Channel to explore the stories and to view them with subtitles in different languages. To activate the subtitles in a different language, first select the closed captions button          . Next, click the settings button         , then subtitles, auto-translate, and lastly select the language you would like to use for the subtitles. Check out this article from YouTube for further instructions

Having your voice and the priorities of our communities recognized and acknowledged by others can make us feel a sense of belonging. In this story, one Jeffco resident finds community while helping in a local food bank and uses the power of her own voice and experiences to help share the needs and desires of the Hispanic community. Check out the full story.

Having support from family, friends and doctors when choosing if and when to start a family is so important. In this story, one Jeffco resident shares her experiences in starting her family and how valuable it was to have the right to make those decisions. Check out the full story.

Sometimes we think our value is solely based on what we can provide for others. After a life-changing bike accident, one Jeffco resident learns that his innate value as a human being is so much bigger than he ever imagined. Check out the full story.

Leaving one’s home country in search of a better life can create unique distances within families. In this story, one Jeffco resident reflects on relationships with her family members, how immigrating to the United States impacted those relationships and her feelings of disconnection. Check out the full story.

Rising housing costs and insufficient wages continue to leave people struggling to make ends meet at the end of each month. In this story, one Jeffco resident shares the challenges she faced when searching for affordable housing for her family, and her hope for future legislation making affordable housing more attainable. Check out the full story.

Other resources for support

We all have good days and bad days. When we have trouble coping with the bad days, it is okay to talk about it and reach out beyond your social network.

Do you have a story of connection and belonging you would like to share?

Everyone has their own unique experiences and stories. In this project, we aim to share stories to celebrate community connection and foster belonging throughout Jefferson County. Use the form below to share your story!

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