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Who We Are

We are people, organizations and businesses who care about cultivating health and opportunity within Jefferson County communities. 

What We Do

We host conversation, build connections and strengthen collaboration to make Jefferson County a connected thriving community where health and opportunity are possible for all.

We Believe

Community is rooted in connection and collaboration and we ALL have value to contribute.

Learn About the Current Teams & Conversation Areas!

Assessment and Planning Action Team icon


Improving organizations’ processes for identifying and addressing community strengths and needs.

Center in Community Action Team icon


Supporting community members, businesses and organizations in addressing problems together.

Culture of Connection Action Team icon


Promoting opportunities for people to find a sense of connection and belonging in their communities.

Collaborative Funding Action Team icon


Increasing the role of community in identifying ways to make financial resources more accessible.

Technology Action Team icon


Improving client experience and well-being through data sharing and increasing access to community resources.

Become Part of the Network!



Curious to learn more about the Alliance and the work our partners are doing? Observers of the Alliance receive regular updates on what the Alliance is doing with an open invitation to contribute and/or get more involved.



Interested in getting involved with one of our Action Teams or participating in a collaborative project? Participants of the Alliance actively engage in Alliance activities such as Action Team meetings and projects.



Do our values resonate with you or your organization? Consider becoming a recognized partner of the Alliance to further connection and collaboration within Jefferson County communities!

Alliance Partners

"Alliance partnerships have expanded my connections with leaders from organizations I would have never known otherwise! I am convinced that Relationships change the World in Positive ways! Increasing connections is the fuel that compels a sense of "togetherness" and value for me and my organization. Thanks!"

Reg Cox, Lakewood Connects

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Benefits in Action
BlueBird Therapy and Wellness LLC
Carin' Clinic
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